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What to do when you get stuck on a problem?

Naoufal El hassnaoui
December 3rd, 2020 · 1 min read

A very useful #tip for #developers

When you are stuck trying to fix something but you passed many hours working on it but still you don’t know the source of the problem/error … you checked the logs and still nothing, try this:

Go! leave it for a bit of time, I’m not saying take a break, because you should take a break that’s for your health, but what you should try, is leave the issue and work on another thing ;) Use your mind to work on something totally different to the issue for a few minutes or hours, then get back to the original problem and you will just easily find the source of the problem then the solution as simple as that !\ \ It’s like when someone needs some “space” to breathe.

I used this technique many times and it really helped me solve some problems. Sometimes we are just tired not physically but our minds are tired from working on the same thing ! Give you mind some `space` let it breathe. When you succeed at doing something else your mind feels that it is better and can solve more problems than before.

Try this technique and see if it work for you :)

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